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what even is the theme of exo anymore because so far I have 

alien werewolf schoolboys with super powers that get real sad around Christmas 

Lol my thoughts exactly


No No NO!! no mercy

They were amazing during the concert! XD

the order of their tweets on my timeline…black/white ¬‿¬

They tweeted during the concert wowww…need to reactivate my twitter to follow them!

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Are we seriously going to ignore the lyrics to EXO'S OVERDOSE?

  • 1: I'm drunk with ecstasy
  • 2: Seeing you inside makes me want you even more
  • 3: After my breath quickens and chokes
  • 4: My blood gets hotter and she controls all of me
  • 5: I can’t stop, I’m already filled with you
  • 6: I taste you and drink you
  • 7: This thirst sends shivers even to my fingertips, hold onto that moment
  • 8: Don’t stop, it’s so good, can’t stop
  • 9: The reason I live is because of my addiction to the sweetness that is you
I wish I had the time to make my nails like this haha

I wish I had the time to make my nails like this haha

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by **mog** 


by **mog** 

pink desserts~ ( • ∀•)

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Omg so cute!

Omg so cute!

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